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Inventory of Screening and Assessments 


The Inventory of Screening and Assessment provides information of local, regional and provincial screening, as well as, assessments for children and youth with special needs (0 to 19 years old). These screenings and assessments are funded through the Ministry of Children and Family Development, the Ministry of Education, Health Authorities, Public Health of Canada, or through private funding. This resource is only available due to the leadership and determination provided by Kerri Bassett Kluss, Executive Director of the Bulkley Valley Child Development Centre. Kudos to Kerri and those who collaborated with her to make this inventory happen!

Find Support BC 


A resource developed by the Family Support Institute described as "BC's first user-friendly searchable database of disability related supports, services, and community activities". Also includes an online support tool for youth with disabilities and their families as they navigate transition planning (click on the 'explore transitions' tab).

Resources & Documents

BCACDI Key Messages and Position Statements

Investment in The Early Years

BCACDI Statement of Reconciliation

Data Reports

2019-2020 BCACDI Specialized Services Data Report

2018-2019 BCACDI Specialized Services Data Report

Public Documents & Presentations

SSC Finance Budget Consultations 2020

Survey of Parents of CYSN

Child Care for CYSN

Human Rights Commission Submission

Literature Supporting Investment in Early Childhood Education

Policy Framework for Early Human Capital Investment in BC

CCPA-BC Nurturing Early Childhood

How Long Should Children Wait

Skill Formation Economics of Investing in Disadvantaged Children

The Economic Costs of Early Volunerability in Canada

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