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This page is optimized for desktop only.   Please enter in the information below.  It will form the basis for your online profile on BCACDI Agency listing page. 

If the Executive Director will not be the key contact for your organization for BCACDI related correspondence, please provide a name and contact information for your Alternate Representative ("AR"):*

Please provide an estimate of total dollar amount of government contracts (held for all services and programs for children and youth with special needs, or at risk of developing a developmental delay) from all ministries, NOT total budget.

Please accompany this membership application form with the following:

  • Agency Mission Statement and Vision

  • List of services provided (e.g. – IDP, SLP, Family Support, etc.)

  • List of your Society's current Board of Directors and Executive Committee

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  1. Please enter all information in the above fields, then proofread and then click the SUBMIT button.

  2. If the form does not Submit, scroll up as a required field may have been missed.

  3. The page will redirect to the Home Page once it has completed successfully. 

  4. You will be contacted after your application has been reviewed by BCACDI Staff (approximately 2 weeks). 

Applying For Membership

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