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BCACDI member agencies are dedicated and passionate providers of services to children, youth, and families all over BC and the Yukon. We have several distinguishing characteristics that really set us apart:


Accredited - Member agencies of BCACDI have met the professional standards of International Accreditation organizations such as CARF International. Consumers of BCACDI member agency services can be assured of a committment to quality, and dedication to continually improving service delivery. 


Non-profit - All of our member agencies are non-profit. You can be assured that all resources received by our agencies are strictly directed to further the purpose of our organizations.


Community-based - Our member agencies are located in urban and rural settings across BC and the Yukon.  Staff and management of our agencies reside in these communities, and have an intimate knowledge of the challenges and resources availalbe in their community. This knowledge is critical in collaborating with other service providers and agencies within a community to ensure effective and efficient service delivery.


Family-centered - Our member agencies deliver services using family-centered practice.This respectful, strengths-based approach views the family as central to a child's well-being, and strives to strengthen the capacity of parents/care-givers to care for and protect their children and promote the family's capacity to manage their own lives.

Yes, memberships have its privileges!

Member Agencies

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