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Yes, membership does have its privileges!  


Member agencies of BCACDI benefit from a collaborative advocacy approach in addressing issues and challenges impacting service delivery to children and youth with special needs. Our organization has a seat at the table of several provincial committees and organizations working at improving services for children and youth, and we regularly have government representatives present in person at our face-to-face meetings to directly address questions from membership regarding services. Further, our member agencies network, share, and learn from eachother to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their agency operations. BCACDI member agencies also have access to continuing education opportunities, job postings and recruitment services, and a dedicated Provincial Advocate to address identified issues and priorities identified by membership.

Criteria for Full Membership:

  • The organization is a non-profit organization incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia.

  • One of the major purposes of the organization is to provide treatment and developmental services to children who require extra supports.

  • The general purposes or objectives of the organization's constitution are compatible with the purposes set out in the constitution of the BCACDI.


Criteria for Associate Membership:

  • Do not meet the criteria for full membership.

  • The organization is a non-profit society whose constitutional purposes or objectives are related to or compatible with those of the BCACDI.


Don't hesitate to contact our Provincial Advocate, Jason Gordon, for more information regarding membership @ 

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