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Indigenous Cultural Safety


Indigenous Cultural Safety


Welcome to our online repository of resources in the areas of Indigenous Cultural Safety.

Indigenous Cultural Safety Learning Series

A series of webinars by the Provincial Health Services Authorities of BC in collaboration with South West Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre. Watch here >

Cultural Safety and Addressing Systemic Racism

Webinar presentation by Harley Eagle, part of a series of conversations hosted by UBC Learning Circle. Watch here >

Cultural Safety and Humility Webinar Series

A series on webinars by the First Nations Health Authority. Watch here >


Cultural Safety Online Learning Modules

Free online learning modules on Cultural Safety by Thompson Rivers University in collaboration with the University of Victoria. Click here >

Online Courses & Training Modules

Cultural Safety in Practice with Children, Families & Communities

A downloadable poster by Early Childhood Development Intercultural Partnerships. Download here >

Cultural Safety: Respect and Dignity within Relationship

A series of downloadable posters by Northern Health Indigenous Health Team. Download here >

Cultural Safety: Respect and Dignity within Relationships

A pamphlet by Northern Health Indigenous Health Team. Download here >

Information Sheet: Culturally Based Equity for First Nations

A two-page briefing by First Nations Child & Family Caring Society of Canada. Download here >

Posters, Pamphlets & Information Sheets

The Aboriginal Policy & Practice Framework in British Columbia

Aboriginal Supported Child Development Practice Guidelines

A practice manual including cultural safety guidelines by ASCD. Download here >

Towards a New Relationship

Toolkit for Reconciliation/ Decolonization of Social Work Practice at the Individual, Workplace, and Community Level - a guidebook by the BC Association of Social Workers, Indigenous Working Group. Download here >

Practice Guidelines

Cultural Safety: Respect and Dignity in Relationships

A 5 minute animated video explaining cultural safety by the Northern Health Indigenous Health Team. Watch here >

Beyond 94 - Truth and Reconciliation in Canada

This video featured on this site curated by CBC speaks to the history of colonialism and explores what reconciliation really means. Watch here >

Monique Gray Smith

A drumbeat of reconciliation. Watch here >

Monique Gray Smith

Resilience and the Power of One. Watch here >

8th Fire: Peoples, Canada & the Way Forward

A CBC's documentary series. Watch here >

Creating Environments for Indigenous Youth to Live and Succeed

TEDx Talk by Tunchai Redvers. Watch here >


Aboriginal Peoples and Historic Trauma

A report by the National Collaboration Centre for Aboriginal Health. Read here >

Empathy, Dignity, and Respect

Creating cultural safety for Aboriginal people in urban health care - a report by the Health Council of Canada. Read here >

Children's Rehabilitation with Indigenous Communities, Families, and Children

A report by Alison Gerlach for the National Collaboration Centre for Aboriginal Health. Read here >

Reports & Articles

Website combining cultural humility and health literacy with practical tool for point-of-care practitioners. Visit here >


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