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The History Behind BCACDI


The following organizations have represented the interests of child development services on a provincial basis for the past 50 years, leading to the establishment of BCACDI. 


Cerebral Palsy Association of BC (CPABC)

  • Established in 1948

  • In the 1970's, Child Development Centers (CDC's) were members of CPABC

  • The common link was that all CDC's had therapy programs

  • Ministry of Health funded CPABC, which in turn, distributed funding to CDC's

  • Funding process changed in April,1982 so that funding went directly to CDC's


Child Development and Rehabilitation Network (CDRN)

  • Provincial network of CDC Executive Directors

  • Began in 1982 as EDA (Executive Director's Association) reporting to CPABC Board

  • In 1986 CDRN became an independent group

  • Worked with agencies and government to develop and promote quality measures


BC Association of Child Development Centers (BCACDC)

  • Provincial association of CDC Board representatives - Formed in 1990

  • Worked with CDRN and government to promote interests of child development services and agencies


The BC Association for Child Development and Intervention

  • Established in 1996 to unite CDRN and BCACDC under a single organization

  • Mission and Strategic Plan developed in 1997 and renewed in 1998 and 1999

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