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Select Member Agency representatives are currently collaborating via 4 Subcommittee Groups:

1. Autism

2. Human Resources

3. Finance 

4. Childcare


Each sub-committee has a unique subcommittee page consisting of:

  • Header image - a photo that represents the group.

  • Discussions - social media style posts including file & media attachments.  Posts can be grouped by category.

  • Media - lists images and videos attached to posts made by group members.

  • Files - lists all of documents attached to posts made by group members.

  • Members list - lists all of the members of the group.

  • About - basic group info and activity summary.

  • Events - upcoming events related to your subcommittee group.

  • BCACDI Drive - a collaborative google drive folder for each subcommittee.  This is the best location for documents that will have collaboration from committee members.  Clicking on files will open then in a browser for collaboration or download. 


  • The groups are private for BCACDI Agency members who have already been selected to be part of a subcommittee.  

  • If you are part of a subcommittee, click login in the header and then click a button below to view your subcommittee group (if the button says 'request to join' then it means that you need to login to the BCACDI site OR you are not a member of that subcommittee.

Watch a short training video on how to access and use the subcommittee groups page.

READ THIS FIRST:  The groups below are private, for pre-selected staff of member agencies.  Please do not request to join.  If you are one of the pre-selected staff you should have already received your invite to join.  If you cannot find that email invite then please contact us.

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