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Specialized Sitter



Increase the confidence and competence in providing safe, quality and fun care for children and youth with special needs and their siblings, under the direction of the family.

Training currently under revision, check back in 2023

Specialized Sitter Training 

Sitter Training Details


The Specialized Sitter Training will assist individuals to further develop their knowledge, understanding, skills and attitude so they are better prepared to participate in the child specific training provided by the child’s family.  This combination of training opportunities will increase the Specialized Sitter’s confidence and competence in providing safe, quality and fun care for children and youth with special needs and their siblings, under the direction of the family. 

For detailed information about how the training was developed, view the background guide. If you are a parent of a child or youth with special needs and want to know more about the program, view our parent guide. We also have a guide for those who are interested in learning more about being a Specialized Sitter.


Each participant must meet certain eligibility prerequisites prior to taking the course. Please contact us with any questions related to the course or eligibility requirements.


Training prerequisites (certification):

- General first aid course and Red Cross babysitter training (or other approved general babysitter training course).

- Each participant needs to be pre-approved by BCACDI. Simply contact us to get approved.

Audit course (non-certification):

- Participants may also audit the course to receive access to the course material.

- You will get access to the course materials but will not receive a certificate.

- The course audit option is only available for family members or close family friends who would like to learn additional knowledge to provide short term supervision for a child or youth special needs.  

- Learners who audit the course will not be permitted to advertise as having completed the specialized sitters course.

General Disclaimer:

The Specialized Sitter course was created by the BC Association for Child Development and Intervention and funded by BC’s Ministry of Children and Family Development. The intent of this training is to provide additional knowledge that will assist individuals providing short-term supervision for children and youth with special needs. BC hopes to increase the number of individuals with the understanding and confidence to provide short-term supervision for these children, thus facilitating the ability for parents and caregivers to find ‘babysitting’ in their communities. Every child and every family is different, thus it is the responsibility of the individual doing the supervising and the family/caregivers of the child or youth with special needs to ensure the appropriate knowledge and understanding of a specific child’s needs are clear. BCACDI and the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development are not responsible and shall not be held liable for any type of loss or damage that could be construed as arising from this course, nor take any responsibility for inappropriate use or application of information or instruction provided in this course.

For any other questions or more information contact BCACDI’s Provincial Advocate via email:

Our next online training session which will start October 18th, 2021. 


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Class Details

Course Curriculum


Each module will include:

  • Learning objectives for that specific module

  • Mixed media education format

  • Quiz 

Module 1 – Introduction (45 minutes)

Module 2 – Specialized Sitter Roles and Responsibilities (90 minutes)

Module 3 – Children and Youth with Special Needs (90 minutes)

Module 4 – Strategies When Working with Children and Youth (90 minutes)

Module 5 – Assisting and Adapting for Children and Youth with Special Needs (90 minutes)


Module 6 – Cultural Safety (60 minutes)

Module 7 – Course Summary and Other Topics (40 minutes)

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