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Welcome to our online repository of resources in the areas of:

  • Indigenous Cultural Safety

  • Trauma Informed Practice and

  • Brain Science.

The curation of these online resources was supported through funding by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD).


A collection of webinars, online courses, reports, videos, and more with a focus on Indigenous Cultural Safety.   


A collection of webinars, online courses, reports, videos, and more with a focus on Trauma Informed Practice.   


A collection of webinars, online courses, reports, videos, and more with a focus on Brain Science.   

Trauma Informed Practice (TIP)

and Cultural Safety Training

In 2019 BCACDI had the privilege of leading the development and delivery of training in Trauma Informed Practice and Cultural Safety for MCFD contracted agency staff that deliver services to children and youth with support needs. The Training Plan was developed via an Advisory Committee including a mix of Indigenous and non-Indigenous representation from: foundational programs (Aboriginal Infant Development Program, Infant Development Program, Aboriginal Supported Child Development, Supported Child Development, Early Intervention Therapies); agency leadership, urban and rural service providers, trauma-informed practice expertise; cultural-safety expertise; and knowledge translation expertise.

The training had a focus on three key themes:


  1. Building Indigenous cultural competency and an understanding of how the legacy of colonization and intergenerational trauma impacts early childhood development for Indigenous children

  2. Building an understanding of how adverse childhood experiences impact brain development and can lead to developmental delay

  3. Developing the capacity to deliver services in trauma-informed and culturally-safe ways


Champions Program
Young Girl.jpg

We want to ensure the workshops and online resources delivered via the Training Plan are accompanied by an infrastructure to support implementation of new knowledge and skills in our sector. Several participants who took the training volunteered to become ‘Champions.’ Our Champions are not experts in trauma informed practice and cultural safety, however they are passionate about learning more, try to influence change in the sector, and help direct colleagues to appropriate resources.

A couple times a year BCACDI brings our Champions together, along with an expert in cultural safety, to share ideas on how to support colleagues and encourage trauma informed practice and cultural safety

If you are working at a BCACDI member agency, contact to learn more about resources available to support trauma informed practice and cultural safety. 


If you have any questions regarding the TIP/CS Training Program please contact the BCACDI Provincial Advocate, Jason Gordon, via email

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