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Sea to Sky Community Services

Agency Location(s) and Communities Served

  • Sea to Sky Corridor- Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton

MCFD Programs Delivered

  • IDP

  • SCDP

  • EI OT/PT

  • SA OT/PT

  • FASD

  • CCRR

  • Early Years

  • Family Preservation and Reunification

  • Services to Strengthen Families

  • CYMH Sexual Abuse Intervention

  • Transitioning Youth to Adulthood

  • CYSN Child

  • Youth and Family Support

  • CYSN Professional Support

Other Programs Delivered

  • Community Living- Employment

  • Community Intergration

  • Group LIving

  • Homeshare

  • Food Bank

  • Legal Advocacy

  • Healthy Pregnancy Outreach program

  • Strong Start

  • Community Based Victim Services

  • Counselling Assistance Fund

  • Stopping the Violence Counselling

  • Child Care

  • Better at Home

  • Homeless Outreach and Prevention

  • Foundry

  • Youth Services

Union Affiliation


Executive Director (ED) Name and/or Designate (if applicable)

Jaye Russell

Skills/interests of ED and/or designate (if applicable)

Since 2018, Jaye Russell has been honoured to hold the position of Executive Director at Sea to Sky Community Services. Jaye’s relational and inclusive leadership-style focuses on building positive team culture, delivering programs that meet real needs, and ensuring sustainable support structures within the Sea to Sky Corridor. Jaye has embedded herself in the community and built healthy relationships and partnerships with fellow organizations and persons served. Jaye’s interests are program design, implementation and evaluation, facilitation, leadership and personal development, financial sustainability, resource development, stakeholder engagement, board development, strategic planning, proposal development and writing improvement - performance and program evaluation.

When Jaye isn’t busy in her ED role she enjoys reading, kite surfing and mountain biking with her children.

Sea to Sky Community Services




(604) 892-5796 ext. 227

Sea to Sky Community Services
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