Quesnel & District Child Development Centre

Agency location(s) and communities served

Quesnel, serving Kersley, Wells, and the First Nations communities of the Nazko, ?Esdilagh, Lhoozk’uz, and Lhtako Dene.

MCFD Programs delivered

  • Infant Development

  • Supported Child Development

  • Early Intervention Therapies (OT, PT, SLP)

  • School-age Therapy

Other programs delivered

  • Family Navigator

  • Youth-in-Action afterschool childcare

  • Pregnancy Outreach Program

Union affiliation

Health Sciences Association

Executive Director (ED) name & designate (if applicable)

Lynn Mathiesen

Skills/interests of ED & designate (if applicable)

Background as a Speech-Language Pathologist; specializations in service delivery to children with autism, AAC (augmentative/alternative communication), and educational assistive technologies; certificates in business management and education administration. Interests include exploring humanist philosophy, travel, and social advocacy.

Quesnel & District Child Development Centre




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