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Comox Valley Child Development Association

Agency Location(s) and Communities Served


  • 237 Third Street, Courtenay 

  • 211B-750 Comox Road, Courtenay

  • 211D-750 Comox Road, Courtenay

MCFD Programs Delivered

  • Autism Program (TAP)
  • Infant Development
  • Supported Child Development
  • Aboriginal Supported Child Develpment
  • Early Intervention Therapy - Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology
  • Early Years Wellness
  • Family Support
  • Behavioural Consultation
  • Early Year's Community Outreach

Other Programs Delivered

  • Jumpstart Preschool
  • Pathways to Healing
  • Community Integration
  • Project Inclusion
  • Friendship Project


Union Affiliation

  • Health Sciences Association (HSA)

Executive Director (ED) Name and/or Designate (if applicable)

Cindy Xavier, Executive Director

Skills/interests of ED and/or designate (if applicable)

Cindy has a Masters of Business Administration and more than 20 years experience in non-profit business management. Her professional skills include leadership, change managment and conflict resolution. Throughout her career she has been a passionate advocate for children including participating as an expert witness to the Federal Government regarding Federal responsiblity to Youth in Care. She has served as the Vice Chair of the Adoption Council of Canada as well as an advisor to the Saskatchewan Provincial Government Legislative review Adoption and Disability task teams. Cindy also served two terms as a Senate Member to the University of Regina Senate Committee. She is honored to have been a recipient of the NACAC Parent Group of the Year Award, presented by Cindy Blackstock and Joan Glode for the development of the Heritage Program; designed to provide cultural support for Indigenous children being raised by adoptive or foster parents. She is a champion for the health and well-being children and families inlcuding diversity, inlcusion and accessiblity. Outside of work, Cindy is a kombcha master and an aspiring writer. And whenever possible she loves spending time with her family and exploring the beauty of Vancouver Island.

Comox Valley Child Development Association




(250) 338-4288

Comox Valley Child Development Association
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